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In addition to The Merge’s own teachings, livestreams, courses, and resources and that we’re continuing to build on, we are also honored to *recommend the below ministries and which we will continue to update from time-to-time so be sure to check back often:

Growing in the Kingdom

Growing in the Kingdom is a comprehensive multi-year 12 module curriculum offered by Kingdom Advancers International for those who are hungry to go to the next level of their spiritual development in the Kingdom. offers self-paced individual courses for personal study and/or certification.

Revive the Way

A house church movement, we are followers of Jesus who are returning to a biblical expression of church and the basic truths of the way of Christ. *House churches and five-fold equipping.

The Core Group

Night and Morning sessions for ANY and ALL students around the globe. Watch live or catch replays of anything at anytime! It's up to you how you engage!

*No endorsement of The Merge is implied on the part of the above-listed ministries.